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Dr. Christos Servos  My name is Dr. Christos Servos. I am the owner of Primary Health Care, 24 hour medical service. I was born in the city of Corfu the 20/8/1963 I studied in the 5th municipal school of Corfu and afterwards in the 2nd lyceum of Corfu I continued my study in the university of medicine of Palermo Italy where graduated in 1992 I served also in the army as doctor of unit, in “Dadia Ebros” 9 months in special battalion and afterwards in “Velisario” camp “Ioannina” Then I made my service as rural doctor, for one year in region of southern Corfu. In 1994 I began to deal with the medicine for the tourism, at summer periods, while at the duration of winter I was working as specialised in chirurgical clinic and also in the urgent incidents of CORFU GENERAL HOSPITAL In 1999 I acquired from my marriage a boy. In 1999 I was administrator of medical company (CORFUMEDIGUARD) with surgeries in all island of Corfu and from 2000 up to 2005 I was administrator of medical company (CORFUMEDIGUARD SOUTH) with surgeries in southern Corfu. In 2004 base of presidential decree I acquired the attribute of General Medicine. In 2006 I suspend the cooperation with the previous companies and I made a medical facility with seat “Moraitika” – “Corfu” with full equipment for the confrontation of urgent incidents and not only.


• I am doctor of work, for the best hotels of my region.
• I am doctor of club of motorcycle LA.MOT.KE where also I cover the racings that are carried out here.
• I cover her medical activities of club of motorcycle of Corfu KE.LE.MO.
• I am doctor of shooting club of Corfu

Indicatively I report certain from the congresses where I  participated they are below:
• Day-long seminar of urgent medicine with practical .
• Annual scientific event of medical surgeon company of Corfu.
• Respiratory insufficiency.
• Plastic correctional chirurgical.
• Infections of respiratory community.
• Psychological interventions in the clinical medical practice.
• Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics antimicrobial. developments in the confrontation of infections.

Sincerely yours

 Doctor Servos Christos
And with possibility of taking place debts of doctor of work of hotels
Doctor of University Palermo Italy